09 januari 2013

two months of albin.

[canon av-1]

my brother has stayed with us for almost two months. 
two days ago he went back to his studies in southern sweden.
i will miss him cooking eggs before i wake up,
playing that morning music, 
and those small chats late at night.

3 kommentarer:

  1. awww! I know the feeling, when siblings visit you and then they have to leave: it feels empty and sad. everytime my sister comes to Helsinki time flies until she has to return to Milano.

    p.s. I love the globe you have there, and the magpie next to the window! :-)

  2. So lovely!
    (I agree with Polly...but I also looooove the gnome collection.... heeheee ;) )

    1. thankyou, those gnomes are new in for me! jonas was so happy to finally have a home where he could unpack all his mini-santas :)