31 januari 2012


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30 januari 2012

rests from sf.

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1. streets of flags.
2. facades of music (and lamps of books!).
3. sunny breakfast with elly.

29 januari 2012

de young.

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a little memory from san fransisco.

18 januari 2012


[fujica st801]

17 januari 2012

08 januari 2012

last year odyssey

less analog and more personal than often.
inspired by anna i collected some stories from the year that passed.

january - returning to oslo after swedish christmas. ski trip with the tjäder family in a snowy
sweden. the fascination for power lines starts. an italian guest teaches us the art of real
lasagna. and albin, the dear sailor brother, comes to oslo with a tanker.

february - sister agnes wins swedish curling championship, and sister ulle cuts off all her hair.
the winter is fantastic with naomi outside the house of mr king. i'm spending a lot of time
in the studio and have a few early breakfasts with sara. i'm from barcelona plays with the
symphony orchestra in jönköping.

march - more and more waffles appear in our new norwegian lifestyles. gothenburg friends
visit our lives and living rooms, and i visit them when while jonas runs the 'vasalopp'.
albin is still coming back to the oslo harbour every now and then.

april - epic april. los angeles, arizona, deserts, arcosanti, grand canyon, tucson, las vegas.
a remarkable journey with friends and teachers from the studio. then a short visit to elly in
san fransisco. plus fantastic easter days with dad in new york. wow.

may - the yearly popadelica festival in huskvarna. i'm from barcelona throws a lot of confetti.
jonas and sara's birthdays are celebrated with picnic and boule. us swedes are doing our best
to celebrate the 17th of may. in stockholm we brace a coming wedding.

june - school in oslo ends with an exhibition and a long evening by the sea in tönsberg.
sister annelie is a blue bird at the stockholm opera. martina and jens say yes. we go back to
norway to fire away the midsummer's night. sara and emil move into a new apartment,
where we spend the last trembling hours with our studio friends.

july - we move back to sweden after two norwegian years. swedish summer starts with
thirteen girls on the rocks of the west coast. we visit catha in the deep forests of småland.
dad teach me, ursula and amanda to paint boat houses with tar and coal, on the island of
our childhood. mum cooks summery soups in stångby. almost the whole family goes sailing.

august - driving south with sara, eating ice cream and smoked fish. arrive at a småland
wedding where simon and sofie becomes husband and wife. reunion and a long lively
summer night. anna and johan show us the neverending moss. we find mushrooms outside
the cabin by the lake.

september - caroline and shawn becomes the westcotts, and the last wedding of the year is
over. i become a stockholmer again and start in a new concrete school (in a double sense).
i reunite with a few long lost class mates, but also spend some work days with naomi and
the cat. annelie shows me her dancing stockholm and sofia often drops by in the new little
home of mine.

october - first of october is still summer in the archipelago. youngest sister transforms
into a ballerina. i return to oslo and the aching oslo heart awakes again. at the same time
little t is born and i'm suddenly an auntie! sofia works a lot but we spend some time in hökis
when i do not go to jonas and gothenburg and hours of cooking.

november - three days in malmö and lund with the studio. a month of constant colds for
both me and jonas. he decides to be ill in stockholm and we do the curing together. all saints
day is spent at the woodland cemetary. i meet emil and sara in copenhagen for a special
exhibition opening. gothenburg is struck by storms and we kiss in the winds by the coast.

december - baking an incredible amount of crispbread with family and friends at the island.
i return to oslo again to applaud jonas and the other europan nominees. completing the
project in school and then enjoy a 12 degrees non-winter-leave. little t grows in grandma's
arms and finally i wish you a happy new year from the tops of stockholm. now i'm pausing
school to have a little spring in gothenburg...

02 januari 2012

hello 2012 and hello you.

[canon av-1]

a lot of things have been occupying my mind lately, and the
camera was not one of them. and now it is suddenly 2012,
and i miss the act of taking pictures. thanks to all of you who
read and commented and engaged in this little place of mine
during the past year, it always makes it more fun. i look
forward to being here a bit more often now. see you soon.