10 januari 2013

one week to go.

[canon av-1] - the last picture is taken by anna. 

one week to go until i'll present my master thesis.
my nerves are on the outside and i get far too little sleep.

i'm doing my best to keep my thoughts somewhere else, but it's hard.
i dream of the past and the future and the past again, longing for this week to be over.
here are some dear memories from a hard summer.
five girls on bikes in åland.

åland with the decorated midsummer poles, the cardamom pancake and jam of prunes.
åland with the strawberries in the verges, the small kiosks and the mythical black bread.
åland with the red dirt roads, the kohlrabi and the very friendly people. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. oh! summer! I am so nostalgic about it right now - I seriously wish the winter was over tomorrow!
    thanks for sharing these wonderful memories: the åland islands are on my list of places I'd like to visit very soon - I honestly don't know why I haven't been there yet: they seem to be so beautiful!
    good luck for your master thesis! I know exactly how you're feeling, since I have just presented mine last november - I am sure you're going to be fine! :-)

    1. thank you polly, soon soon :) and congrats to you then, it must be fantastic to be done!

  2. Å, så fina bilder! Snaaart är du klar, kämpa på vännen så ses vi snart. Kram kram kram