12 maj 2011

notes from a bus #1

[canon av-1]

april 7th.

we were in coolidge, close to casa grande. just now we drove through a ghost town. and

now, "seim & hewy" on a road sign. there, a car cemetery. so many things whizzing by
outside. trailers. caravans. mobile homes. low, light, wooden houses. we travel alongside a
railway track. on our way to tucson. there was an old motel where we crossed the
interstate. gigantic signs where the colours had faded, peeled off. i believe it once was
white and blue. a metallic freight-train with yellow steel frames is chugging between us
and the mountains. a man walked along the interstate. in a camouflage hoodie and baggy
jeans. where was he heading? where had he been? there's a hilltop to the right. close.
totally covered by cacti. the cacti can be hundreds of years old. the holes are made by
birds. a try to steel one includes a fine between 1.000 and 10.000 dollars if you're caught.
an ostrich farm stands before the hill. innumerable ostriches and a sign saying "feed the

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  1. Oj, den nedersta bilden är helt fantastisk. Färgerna, ljuset, rörelseoskärpan längst ner och motivet är perfekt.