15 maj 2011

futuristic dinner.

[canon av-1]

i höst ska jag flytta till stockholm. då blir det strömmingsmacka var dag.

i'm moving to stockholm after summer. a lot of mixed feelings are involved, as always
when leaving some place for somewhere else. sadness about leaving school here,
leaving the apartment, leaving new and old friends, leaving him who will move to
gothenburg. happiness about moving home to family and friends, to streets of my
childhood, to weekends in the archipelago, to grandparents and newborns, and to a
fantastic city for that matter. anyway, this is the street food stand closest to my
new home. herring on sandwich every day!

4 kommentarer:

  1. change always makes me a tad bit melancholy too. I'm excited at the adventures ahead of you though!

  2. strömmingstider är härliga tider!

  3. du flyttar? du flyttar! då kan vi äta strömming ihop.

  4. jaaaa! strömmingsdejt! och annan dejt.