28 maj 2011

next morning in arcosanti.

[canon av-1]

my immediate passion for arcosanti still puzzles me. it was strong. not logical. there we
were, set aside from the world for a while. i believe the affection arose by us being there,
right in that moment, with our common experience in the group. our tentative steps at first,
followed by curious voices. a slow accustomization to the place. in the end habituating a
roof that no one else showed interest in. a part of a larger structure that we shared with
people we'd never met before. spaces inseparable from oneanother and the surrounding
grounds. giving an impression of evolving of its own through natural growth.
spontaneously and unplanned. an infrastructure, physically appropriating as little of the
earth as possible, still claiming the whole valley in the attempt.

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  1. I think I may be obsessed with you blog :-) All of the amazing photography and I'm really enjoying reading as well! New fan here :-)