21 mars 2011

she's a fan and i love her.

[canon av-1]

det är märkligt att ha en så ung syster att hon inte minns att vi har bott tillsammans.
ibland följde hon med mig till skolan, gymnasiet. satt och sov i sin babylift. någon på
stan kanske trodde att hon var mitt lilla barn. nu är hon tio. jag är i norge. hon är i
sverige. jag missar en hel uppväxt. antar att det är naturligt.

it is a bit sad to have a sister that is so young she doesn't remember that we used
live together. i'm missing her childhood. she was with me in high school sometimes.
sleeping in the baby lift. but time passes so quick and now she's amost ten. i'm in
norway, she is in sweden. i guess it's natural.

6 kommentarer:

  1. My sister is also much younger than me. 13 years difference. I also wish sometimes that we would have been able to have more time together.

  2. I'm an only child, but I understand what you feel.
    nice pic

  3. There's a 12 year gap between my little brother and I, and he lives far away from me too, but I'd like to think he misses me sometimes. It would be good to watch him grow up!

  4. veronika // thanks, as always.
    wide-eyed // i hope the time will come. they'll be the best aunts to our kids anyway ;)
    joanna // wow, i can't imagine how that is. we are 8... thank you.
    may // of course he does.

  5. what an adorable picture of her. sisters are incredibly special. i am very close to both of mine, they are my best friends.