26 april 2013

roses of bardill.

[zeiss ikon contina IIa]

"the formwork is made of spruce from trees that are felled every spring in the forest around 
the village. a carpenter cut the wood into boards of different widths, allowed it to dry, and 
then planed it. [...] when poured conrete is used, thought needs to be given to the 
appearence of the surface. [...] a total of five hundred rosettes are found on the structure. 
we could use our formwork between three and five times. one hundred and fifty rosettes 
were carved by hand in two months by two cabinet makers."

valerio olgiati

4 kommentarer:

  1. it is really inspiring, specially as a fellow architect, to visit your blog :)

    1. hehe... yes, i guess it is a bit square from time to time. i'm happy that you appreciate it :)

  2. very interesting shapes and shadows! once again black and white suits these images perfectly!

  3. I love the grainy feeling in this pictures :)