04 april 2013

bündner kunstmuseum, chur.

[canon av-1]

here we are 
just inside the entrance doors 
standing by the lockers 
looking into that little café. 

for you architects reading, this is well worth a visit. 
additions were made to the museum during the 80s, 
by peter zumthor in partnership with p.calonder and h.j. ruch. 
very many fine details, discrete but clear material meetings,
nice exhibition spaces both in the old buildings and in the 'modern' basement.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I'm no architect, but I really appreciate that high window/veranda! I'd love to have tea and pastries in such a beautiful cafe! :-)
    I'm sure the museum must have been truly interesting as well though, as you say!

  2. beautiful photo & sounds like an interesting space.