18 februari 2013

italian times.

[canon av-1]

when we lived in italy we chewed chestnuts on the streets, me and naomi. 
even here in paris, the "chestnut-roaster-man" was italian.
that taste brought back nice memories, that are ten years old by now. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. oh, I didn't know you were living in Italy for a while! where was that?
    chestnuts bring back such strong memories of my childhood: we used to go pick them in the woods around my home town - my sister, my grandma and I - and then we were roasting them in the backyard. I could eat tons of them, because I liked them so much! but what I loved the most was really just the fun of going to pick them and coming back home with bags full of them!

    1. what a magic story, to me it sound like a fairytale...
      i imagine those forests were beautiful, with those large and airy chestnut trees...
      i lived in italy 2003, in siena, just for four months, trying to learn your language.
      i haven't returned to siena since, but i want to! it was good times.
      from where are you?