04 januari 2013


[canon av-1]

två minuter från vår tunnelbanestation ligger en gömd by.
där når vägskyltarna inte högre än till midjan,
och husen är mindre än äppelträden.
när den första riktiga snön kom var det djuren som begav sig hit.
och sen kom någon enstaka skottare och röjde framför dörren sin.
pulkabarnen tog sats uppifrån dansbanan,
skatorna flockades kring glömda sommarfrukter.

there is a hidden village two minutes from our subway station.
there the road signs don't reach higher than to the waist, 
and the houses are smaller than the apple trees.
the animals came here when the first snow fell.
then a solitary shoveler, clearing the path to his front door.
the sledding kids took kit from the dance pavillion,
the magpies flocked around forgotten summer fruits.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous place! Looks like it came straight from a fairy tale.

  2. it's so wonderful! we have those kind of "little villages" in Finland and they're called Siirtolapuutarhat (something like Colonial Gardens): people don't live in those little houses permanently, but they spend their free time there taking care of their gardens. :-)

    1. they have the same name here! and same use :) though i believe that some people live there secretly... i would have.