08 december 2012

i know it by heart.

[canon av-1]

when entering the house for the first time i found this sign. it is of course just a replica 
and not old at all, but it is still fun to read for you who know swedish. what is more fun 
is that we had the same sign in the bathroom in the house where i grew up. that one was 
original, and in english. i did not understand a bit, but i memorized the whole text, 
pronouncing every syllable like kids do. it was a strange poem that i knew by heart. still
know by heart. therefor i am happy to translate it very accurately to you:

This room is equipped with
Do not attempt to light with match. 
Simply turn key on wall by the door.
The use of electricity is in no way harmful to health, 
nor does it affect the soundness of sleep.

2 kommentarer:

  1. oj, vad fint. som en dikt om el. kram

  2. ja... det är kul när man är ett barn och uttalar allt helt fel. och så plötsligt en dag får orden mening och man lär sig, ändrar dikten. kram!