10 oktober 2011

small things.

[fujica st801]

1. apples from naomi's garden.
2. the socks i yearn to give away as soon she is born.
3. the earring i got from the bride.
4. the butterfly from jonas, the chrystal from naomi.
5. dinner with my dear and most frequent guest.

these are all images from my new home. two months in stockholm have already passed.
i'm starting to feel at home. starting to adjust to life here. life in the little apartment.
life without seeing him everyday. life close to my family. life in the school of architecture.
life with dear friends around the corner. life with some friends too far away.
i miss gothenburg, and i miss oslo. but oh, i'm actually back!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh Maja, this is so beautiful....with so many special and lovely things in each and every capture...and your words, as usual, always warms my heart.

  2. i love seeing these intimate details of your life. these photos are so lovely. thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and glad you are settling in!

  3. å det låter som du har det fint!

  4. kitchu - yes, i think it's hard to know how personal i can be on the internet without feeling uncomfortable. i know that many peope enjoy personal blogs... maybe i'm opening up slowly... thanks for your kind comment.