19 oktober 2011

pieces of oslo.

[canon av-1]

four days in oslo. this was my first returning visit since we left and involved some very

dear reunions. a lot of time spent with sara, with emil, in the sun, in the school, with
coffee, with waffles, with pitapizza. hopefully i will have some images to post later on.
these are
from our apartment just before we moved out.

2 kommentarer:

  1. i adore that first one. reminds me of my childhood, how we carried a flag of Norway my father made around the world with us, hanging it in each new home (my grandfather came over on a boat with his family from Oslo, so my father is half Norwegian).

    so glad to hear of happy reunions :)

  2. oh, how exciting. so you are a fourth norwegian then... can you feel it somehow? ;)