28 oktober 2011


[fujica st801]

i am travelling.
far away love and friends make me move.
crisscrossing scandinavia, exciting, exhausting.
spending time longing. that has been reality in recent years.
why do i want to be everywhere, maybe ending up being nowhere?
half here, half there, half gone.
is one meant to adjust to only one place?
thoughts from a train, heading for gothenburg.

7 kommentarer:

  1. ...lovely, lovely....beautiful solace...silent thoughts... :*

  2. these are so beautiful! especially the last one is great!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  3. oh travel! I love the occasional taste of nomadic life. :)

  4. The last one brought a smile to my face ^^

    I would rather travel often, see the world, have the feeling of longing to come back home, miss my friends and family than just settle in at one place, feel comfortable and never really take the chance of exploring rest of the world.

  5. For 7 years I had the same lifestyle: living some month i Sydney, 6 months in on city in Denmark and then another for a short period. Lost in transport.... For 1 year now, I have settled and stayed in 1 place. Thats a record!!! But i know, that I will be leaving again within 6 month. There is a certain charm to be on the go all the time, but I still dream of have a place called HOME for more than a year at a time....

  6. strange to read these words and long for this feeling of wandering, of wondering where i will land. here i sit, in the same town for 13 years. a solid job, middle class America, dreams having fallen by the wayside. other dreams now a reality. sacrifices and compromise. happiness, sadness. life a mixed bag of what is and what could have been.

  7. thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences of the nomadic life...