05 juli 2011

wedding times.

[canon av-1]

tider då vänner klär sig fina, står i symmetri och visar sina vackraste leenden. fina ni.

when friends dress well, behave symmetrical and show their best smiles to the camera.

5 kommentarer:

  1. how sweet. this looks like a lovely occasion.

  2. And ofcourse, the wonderful memories are beautifully captured by you!!!

  3. greeting from Malaysia.

    I found your blog while searching for Canon AV-1 on the internet.
    I am probably bidding on one.

    Just want to say you take lovely pictures...haha

  4. thanks for your cheering words.

    weng jen, i'm glad you are bidding on one - i'm very happy with it! the only thing is that the shutter speed is not fully manual, i'm using the iso-setting to solve that if i'd like to under/overexpose. good luck!