11 juli 2011

fire walk with me.

[canon av-1]

varma ansikten och gnistor som fastnar på skor. rökmoln följer oss från knastrande grenar.
allt luktar varmkorv trots att vi bara har marshmallows. tystnad, skarpa skuggor och
vattnet som blinkar mot månen och oss. jag minns inte så mycket mer. vad gör en eld
egentligen? skapar ett hem på en strand av grus. en ring med ett varmt innanför och ett
kallt utanför. en ring av oss. utanför ringen är utanför allt just då. emil eldvakt somnade
aldrig, och han fick sällskap av en räv.

warm faces and sparks eating on our shoes. smoke following us from crackling branches.
the smell of hot dogs even though we only have marshmallows. silence, sharp shadows
and the water blinking back to the moon. i do not remember much more. what does a fire
do, after all? creates a home on a beach of stones. a ring with a warm inside and a cold
outside. a ring of us. right then there is nothing outside that ring. emil the fire watcher
never fell asleep, and a fox kept him company for a little while.

6 kommentarer:

  1. These are magical...I love them!

  2. you can really the warmth of the fire in the midst of the dark blue solitude. beautiful!

  3. Beautiful and still.
    The fire never dies when there is a ring of friends...

  4. What pretty days and nights you have spent. Just a week ago I finished reading "Vi på Saltkråkan" after many years again, endless summer adventures, your pictures remind a lot of that.

    Thank you for the beautiful song text. I listened it too, it fits this place well.

    Now I will imagine a bit of the sound of crackling fire while waiting for some rain to accompany this day.

  5. These are amazing and this is hopefully what I'll be doing myself after school is over haha