14 juni 2011

notes from a bus # 3.

[canon av-1]

april 12th.

- that feeling, what feeling is it? i asked out in the air. 

- you mean the feeling when it is so beautiful that your chest is in pain? asked sara.

- ...maybe.

- euphoria? she suggested.

- the power of nature, said wakiko. 

in the front of the bus per-olaf is jumping up and down on his seat. he says he is so full
of energy, full of "things". the sun has behaved the same way, drifting up and down
behind the hills on the right. we have seen five sunsets. now it is dark on the bus. silent,
a devout mood. i can not see what i'm writing, but i feel it. back to that feeling we fail
describe. maybe it comes from experiencing something sublime. maybe it comes from
something inside ourselves. this trip has involved so much joy and laughter. and
of deep emotions. that night in tucson when we couldn't stop smiling. that
night under the stars in arcosanti. and today, grand canyon.

4 kommentarer:

  1. oh, nature! real pretty.

  2. beautiful photos and beautiful words.

  3. I agree with amanda jane.

    If you wrote a book, it would be a best seller.

  4. your words mean a lot to me. i'm so happy to have you reading what i'm writing. thank you.