27 juni 2011

the new school.

[canon av-1]

arkitekturskolan i stockholm. till hösten börjar jag här. tre år i göteborg, två år i oslo.
nu här. det ledsamma är att halva huset brann ned för några månader sedan.

the architecture school in stockholm. i will start here after summer. three years in

gothenburg. two years in oslo. now here. a sad thing is that half of the school burnt
down a couple of months ago. i am nervous. not about the school, but the city. stockholm
is my home town, but it has been so long. five long years. moving always involves mixed
feelings for me. right now the oslo nostalgia is strong. but i know, of course, that i'm
gonna love to return. return with new experiences, new concerns, new loved ones, new
eyes. hello stockholm. i have missed you.

2 kommentarer:

  1. what a lovely place to study...

  2. I would love to live in Norge and Sverige!!


    Good luck with the move!!