24 juni 2011

midsummer in norway.

[canon av-1]

idag ska vi exilsvenskar göra vår egen midsommar. i norge heter den st hansaften och glöms
bort. om den inte glöms bort så bränns det ett bål. vi ska inte glömma. vi ska göra kransar.
vi ska äta sill och nubbe och bo i tält. jag ska drömma om sverige och om allt som väntar där
hemma. som utsikten från min mammas gård.

today it is midsummer in sweden. according to many - the most important thing to
throughout the year. they do not do it here in norway. they have st hans aften instead, that
they sometimes celebrate with a big fire, and sometimes forget. but us swedes are crazy
about midsummer. so, we're making our own midsummer today. that includes eating
herring, drinking snaps and sleeping in tents. then i will dream about sweden and what's

waiting back home... like this view from my mothers house.

4 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful photo!
    that sounds like a great celebration! i wish a had any celebration that included eating, drinking and sleeping in a tent :)

  2. i love the smell of clothes after they've been out on the line. this is beautiful. Midsummer sounds so fun!

  3. we don't make much of midsummer here, i think it's wonderful that it's celebrated there.

    i adore this photo. it is so simple and lovely.

  4. thankyou all, it was great..! pictures will come...